The entrance fees paid will not be refundable.

Note : Applicable taxes will be charged extra.

1 Corporate members Rs. 21,24,000/-
(Three nominees)
2 Permanent ordinary member Rs. 7,67,000/-
3 Government & Defence member Rs. 3,83,500/-
4 Sports Category Rs. 3,83,500/-
6 Family Members Rs. 3,83,500/-
7 Spouse Member Rs. 3,83,500/-
8 Visiting Member (1 Year) Rs. 76,700/-
9 Senior Citizen Rs. 3,83,500/-
10 Corporate (Maintenance per Quarter) Rs. 1,328/-
11 Corporate Members (Maintenance per Quarter) Rs. 3,186/-
12 Permanent Ordinary member (Maintenance per Quarter) Rs. 3,186/-
13 Room Booking Charges (per day) Rs. 2,240/-
14 Visit Charges (Monday to Friday) Rs. 89/-
15 Visit Charges (Saturday to Sunday) Rs. 118/-
16 Activity Charges (All Days) Rs. 300/-
17 Gymkhana Activity Charges (All Days) Rs. 708/-

How To Become A Member


Membership is non transferable and entrance fees is non refundable

Types Of Membership: Members Shall Be Of Under Mentioned Categories:
  • Corporate Members:

    any limited company or corporation incorporated in the Republic Of India or in any other country, public or private undertakings, may be at the discretion of the Executive committee be admitted as corporate members of the club. Under this category three Of the nominees of the company with family will be entities to avail the facilities of the club. Each Person so maintains charges as per rules. Company will be liable to club for the unpaid dues of the nominees. Spouse/dependent of member under this category will not be eligible to the discount Offered as dependent.

  • Honorary Members:

    The executive committee may invite distinguished person to become Honorary Members of the club for a period it may deem fit, without payment of entrance fees & monthly subscription Fees & maintenance provided that no person below the status of a head of department in Govt. department shall be invited to become Honey. Member. Provided further that any official who has been made an honorary member shall cease to be so on his Transfer or retirement.

  • Visiting Member:

    Persons who are temporarily stationed at Indore can have visiting membership which can be allotted by the executive committee for a period of 12 months. They shall have all the privileges of Members.

  • Permanent Ordinary Member:

    All persons (except minors) having good moral character and reputation on having the approved status may be granted the membership. Those who wish to join should apply to the Club management on the prescribed form on requisite payment. The entrance fees paid will not be refundable & transferable.

  • Family member:

    Spouse, sons and unmarried daughters of permanent members of the club except corporate nominees shall be given permanent ordinary membership on application along with the application Entrance fees, provided the applicant has attained the age of 18 years and has not completed 24 years of age on the date of application. The entrance fee payable shall be 50% applicable for ordinary membership on the Date of application.

  • Spouse:

    Spouse of existing permanent members expect company nominees may on application and on payment of 50% of entrance fee applicable for ordinary permanent member.